A Breakdown on the Latest Weight Loss Trends

By RegenMed Direct | Published: 03/05/2024

In today’s society, the search for the most sustainable and effective weight loss solution is never ending with the health and fitness industry constantly evolving. From new diets to medical solutions, we dive into the latest weight loss trends exploring the benefits and drawbacks of each method. At the end of the day it comes down to choosing a weight loss method that aligns most with your lifestyle and goals.

Intermittent fasting is restricting what you eat to a particular time frame within the day, it is flexible with each individual choosing the fasting period that suits their lifestyle. For example, only consuming your daily intake of calories between 11am and 7pm. This weight loss method sends your body into a state of ketosis during the fasting stage, this is where your body uses stored fats as fuel.


Supporting more than just weight loss, research suggests autophagy is triggered after the body enters ketosis. During autophagy the body removes damaged cells and cellular waste, potentially reducing inflammation and the risk of disease.


Those partaking in this weight loss method may struggle to get enough nutrients leading them to experience fatigue, brain fog or irritability. Intermittent fasting is not for everyone though. It is not suitable for those with a history of eating disorders and a range of medical conditions, therefore it is best to consult a healthcare professional before you begin intermittent fasting.

Support Intermittent Fasting With, Magnesium Glycinate

Essential for vital functions around the body including major neurological functions and supporting your recovery after exercise, magnesium is an essential nutrient you should definitely not be missing out on.  Formulated for maximum absorption, our Magnesium Glycinate may help restore magnesium levels if you are amidst intermittent fasting.

Help Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Support Nerve Function

Support Muscle Recovery


HIIT workouts are small intervals of high intensity exercise, alternated with small period rest or low intensity exercise.


HIIT workouts offer a great deal of convenience as they are time efficient and do not require a gym membership. Generally burning calories during and after exercise, HIIT workouts are better for long term fat loss when compared with other forms of exercise. If you are also trying to build muscle on your weight loss journey this workout style can also help you retain muscle.


The intense nature of this form of exercise places more physical demand on the body, increasing recovery times and the risk of injury.

Enhance Your Results With, The Metabolic Weight Loss Bundle

If you are taking this approach to achieving your weight loss goals try pairing our Metabolic Weight Loss Bundle alongside this training style to help you achieve your ultimate body composition. The Three supplements work synergistically to decrease fat mass and increase lean muscle mass.

Increase Lean Body Mass

Decrease Fat Mass

Balance Cravings & Appetite


In order to function the body burns a certain number of calories in a day, this number varies between each person depending on their sex, age, height, weight and frequency of physical activity. A calorie deficit or low-calorie diet is created when you burn more calories than you consume in a day.


A weight loss method used for many years, tracking calories is reasonably simple to implement and there aren’t any foods that need to be avoid. Studies have shown that a group of participants who followed a calorie deficit diet for a period of six months lost an average of 6kg.


But as with a lot of weight loss methods there are disadvantages that come with a calorie deficit. If not monitored correctly you may experience nutrient deficiencies, feelings of hunger and lack mental clarity. You have to take precautions ensuring you are not underrating or losing weight too fast. Although a calorie deficit can result in weight loss short term, unless maintained the likelihood of you regaining the weight is significantly high.

Boost Your Energy Levels In a Calorie Deficit

Restore your B vitamin levels and give yourself the energy boost you might need in a calories deficit with our Activated B Complex formulated using the B vitamins vital for nervous system function, cellular metabolism and cognitive function.

Increase Energy Levels

Maintain Healthy Muscles & Nerves

Improve Sleep Quality


Becoming a worldwide phenomenon, the Weight Loss Peptide promotes feelings of fullness, reduces appetite and supports energy levels on a low calorie diet.

Kick Start Your Weight Loss

Our Australian based Pharmacists and Medical Team curated a medical program featuring the game-changing Medical Weight Loss Peptide, which is in the same class of medication that has become in high demand worldwide. When combined with our three powerful weight loss supplement this program not only supports the body losing weight but more importantly creates long lasting habits around portion size, intermittent fasting, exercise and overall nutrition.


Unsure of Your Current Health Status or Suitable Medical Solutions to Reach Your Goals?

Committed to delivering innovative medical solutions helping you reach your goals faster, our team of experienced health professionals offer remote medical consultations and pathology.


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