Everything you need to know about BPC-157 Oral

By RegenMed Direct | Published: 07/02/2024

You asked, we listened! After making headlines for it’s regenerative properties we have been working with our pharmacists to offer BPC-157 in a compounded oral form. It’s time to say goodbye to subcutaneous injections. Now that we have finally launched BPC-157 Oral, we let you in on everything you need to know about this supplement.

What is BPC-157 Oral?

BPC-157 stands for Body Protective Compound and is most commonly prescribed to patients with intestinal conditions. It is a synthetic peptide made of 15 amino acids, derived from human gastric juices.

BPC-157 Oral vs Subcutaneous Injection

We get it, administering a subcutaneous injection can often be confronting and unpleasant. This is why we have been working hard behind the scenes with our pharmacy to offer you all BPC-157 Oral; a compounded pill that is currently classed as a supplement under the TGA guidelines.

Is BPC-157 a Long Term Supplement?

Although our bodies are able to heal themselves, occasionally they need a helping hand. This is where BPC-157 comes in to play. The duration you are prescribed this peptide for is in the discretion of your doctor depending on your concerns, however, BPC-157 is generally not taken for an extended period of time.



Promote Tissue Healing

Reduce Inflammation

Protect the Gastrointestinal Tract

Support Musculoskeletal Health

Ready to Maximise Your Health and Wellbeing?

BPC-157 Oral can be purchased as an individual supplement, however, with the support of our pharmacists and medical team we have created two supplement bundles to maximise your results.

How Can BPC-157 Support Injury Repair and Recovery?

Whether you have recently found yourself suffering with an injury or have been struggling with a lingering injury, our latest product, BPC-157 may be just what you need.
BPC-157 may increase blood flow around the body, promote the production of collagen and provide anti-inflammatory effects to support your recovery post-injury. This peptide is particularly beneficial in accelerating the healing of various injuries, including tendon, muscle and ligament damage.

BPC 157 Recover & Repair Bundle

Don’t let those injuries get in the way of your goals. We have combined BPC-157 Oral with our Body Balance Collagen and Magnesium Glycinate to help reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of various injuries.

A synthetic peptide known for its ability to accelerate healing in muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

Our Magnesium Glycinate is an easily absorbable form of magnesium that is especially useful for people with digestive disorders or other sensitivities to other forms of magnesium.

Our Body Balance Collagen powder is a quality source of bio-active collagen peptides that have demonstrated positive effects on various metabolic processes and the overall functional unit of muscle.


How Can BPC-157 Support Gut Health?

Get your gut health back on track with BPC-157. Showing potential to protect the lining of the digestive tract this peptide may improve gut health and provide anti-inflammatory properties. Those experiencing conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and other gastrointestinal issue may particularly benefit from using BPC-157.

BPC 157 Gut Repair Bundle

A healthy gut is the premise for optimal health and wellbeing, our first bundle is centred around gut health combining BPC-157 Oral, Pro Digest and ProBioMax to restore your gastrointestinal tract and reduce potential inflammation.

A synthetic peptide known for its ability to accelerate healing in muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

ProBioMax is a probiotic supplement designed to support your digestive wellness.

Pro Digest Gut is a comprehensive combination of prebiotics, digestive enzymes, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and mucilage agents, specifically formulated to improve gut health.



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