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Our supplements and scheduled products are compounded with high quality raw ingredients, in an approved Australian pharmacy.

Our products are prescribed by our experienced doctor and team of medical professionals.

All products supplied by RegenMed are of the highest quality and meet strict Australian safety and efficacy standards.

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Your health is of the utmost importance to us.

Our scheduled products are prescribed by our doctor and Medical Team, following a thorough Pre Medical Screening process.

Products arrive directly to you from our Australian compounding pharmacies in Melbourne and Adelaide. Our compounding pharmacies are strictly regulated by Australian standards to ensure that all products are of the highest quality, with scheduled medications compounded and stored in a sterile environment.

Our team is constantly working on research and development to ensure we are up to date with the latest in medical standards and clinical research.

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Infinity Nutrition use quality ingredients to create innovative & customised formulas.

Infinity Nutrition is built on providing quality products without chemicals or additives.

We have partnered with Infinity Nutrition to bring our patients a comprehensive range of Active Terpene Blends. Each blend combines botanically sourced and molecularly refined terpenes, to offer a range of potential benefits.



Superfeast is an Australian owned and operated company that embodies quality, ethical and holistic practices.

Superfeast source and produce a range of organic medicinal mushrooms, using traditional methods to support the communities that foster and grow these ancient medicines. This family-owned business is prided on upholding the Di Dao philosophy of sourcing and producing traditional Chinese medicinal mushrooms. This means all herbs are grown in their native regions, harvested and extracted for maximum potency and quality.

Ingredients are simple and natural, as each blend foregrounds the mushrooms without any added fillers, starches, colours, sweeteners or preservatives. Always organic and never artificially sourced, Superfeast herbs display homage to their Chinese heritage.