Weight loss is more than a diet.

The ‘calories in vs calories out’ philosophy is important, however is not the only determinant of weight loss. Where diets can be effective in encouraging rapid weight loss, those involving a very low intake can actually encourage the body to regain the lost weight, plus more. 

This effect is caused by the hypothalamus, which is the body’s hormone regulator. While energy balance can facilitate regular hypothalamus activity, these hormones are influenced by many other factors. 



The wonderful and vague world of anti ageing.

Anti ageing can capsure everything from reduced facial wrinkles to restoring hormone levels and considering the deep, cellular origins of ageing. Ultimately, these products and treatments work to delay the onset of ageing by promoting optimal body functioning and general health.

It’s important to remember that ageing isn’t a condition to be cured. Ageing is inevitable, however various anti ageing products can work to alleviate symptoms across the many stages of ageing.

  • Nutrient selection

  • Metabolic responses to diet

  • Hormonal factors

  • Environmental factors

  • Genetics


The body will work to stay within its usual weight range.

The field of weight loss science has noted set point theory as the weight range your body will constantly work to maintain. Unfortunately, this range is more likely to increase than decrease.

Weight loss ultimately comes as you tip the body’s energy balance into a deficit. Here, set point theory suggests that the body will try to mitigate this weight loss by slowing metabolism and readjusting hormone activity.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) and peripheral systems regulate energy and nutrient balance, plus the body’s biological and behavioural mechanisms. During a period of weight loss, information carried from these systems to the hypothalamus triggers the modulation of food intake or energy expenditure. The goal — to correct deviations from your set point weight.


Set Point Theory might seem detrimental, however there are ways to lose weight and keep it off.

If you’ve ever lost weight only to regain it shortly after, it might be your body’s set point processes at play.

Studies suggest that in light of set point theory, sustained weight loss and regulation can only be achieved through a series of gradual, short term changes. This reduces the body’s need to continually adapt, and essentially coaxes the body into a new set point range.

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