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Our Medical Team is constantly engaging in research and development, and keeping up to date with the latest medical papers and clinical trials to inform our patients about the peptides we supply. Access the latest clinical studies relating to Ipamorelin below.

Ipamorelin is a medication can be taken through cream or injection and works to promote the secretion of growth hormone. It also initiates a positive response in the Ghrelin receptor, which is important in the healthy regulation of appetite and food intake. This Peptide, therefore, works to increase muscle and decrease fat stores and is known to have less appetite stimulation than other Peptides of its kind such as GHRP 6. Ipamorelin can be taken as a cream or injection and is best combined with CJC 1295 as together it has the potential to increase your body’s own hormone production by up to 10 times.

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March 2020

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