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Keep our Medical Team informed if anything changes.

For your health and safety if there are any changes to your current medications or medical conditions it is essential that you keep us updated. Please keep our Medical Team updated with any changes so we can help you achieve the best and safest outcomes. The medical information you provide will be confidential and only used as per our current Terms & Conditions.

To add your health record please fill out the form below. If you have any issues please contact our Patient Care Team.

Contact Us
1300 100 460
So we can update your file, please enter the email that is associated with your patient account.
So our doctor can give you the best level of care, please detail any relevant updates to your medical history here. This could include changes to current medications, medical conditions, allergies, pregnancy, recent or upcoming surgery as well as any relevant family history (i.e. cancer). Please also include any relevant lifestyle updates such as changes to your weight, diet or level of physical activity.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Please upload any relevant pathology or medical letters.