More than 10 reasons to try just one month free from alcohol

Alcohol consumption has negative effects on your body. Even if you are not addicted or a heavy drinker, just a month of sobriety can help reverse some of these negative effects and help improve your overall health.

Within just a day of sobriety, you will begin to detoxify your body from the negative effects of alcohol.

Taking a break from drinking can also have positive mental health results and can help you to feel comfortable in social situations without the enhancement of alcohol.

Some of the benefits of quitting alcohol for just a  month include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Boosted mood
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Improved sleep
  • Support gut health


You could benefit from a month of sobriety if you identify with any of the following statements:

You feel dependent on alcohol.

You feel pressured to drink in social situations.

You want to lose weight.

You have trouble sleeping.

You want to improve your mood and overall health.

Within just a day of sobriety you will begin to detoxify your body
from the negative effects of alcohol.


12 – 24 Hours

Detoxification begins
Within just a day of sobriety you will begin to detoxify your body from the negative effects of alcohol.

Blood sugar normalises
Alcohol consumption can affect normal and healthy blood sugar levels, and so within just 24 hours you should experience normal blood sugar levels.

Withdrawal Symptoms
It is likely you may experience symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol such as: sweating, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

1 Week

Sleep improves
Within 1 week you should see your quality of sleep improve.

Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration and so as you detoxify your body of alcohol you should start to feel more hydrated.

2 Weeks

Weight loss
You may notice weight loss thanks to cutting out all the hidden calories in alcohol and drinks

3-4 Weeks

Blood pressure stabilisation
Drinking alcohol can lead to raised blood pressure and within 3-4 weeks of sobriety, you should see your blood pressure normalise.


Sobriety Survival Program

On The Wagon is a month-long sobriety survival program containing supplements designed to help with the process of sobriety to enhance the benefits of quitting alcohol and reduce the harm and discomfort of withdrawal.

The medical team have combined a combination medical grade vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more to combat and assist withdrawal symptoms like serotonin imbalance, sugar cravings, disrupted sleep patterns, gut health and inflammation, weight gain, and detoxification.

One month program contains:

  • Serotonin Plus (60 capsules)
  • Antioxidant Complex (60 capsules)
  • Relax & Sleep Complex (60 capsules)
  • Rave not Crave (30 capsules)



When withdrawing from Alcohol, whether you are a frequent user or not, it can be hard to fall asleep and get a good quality of sleep.

Symptom management
To mitigate the withdrawal symptoms that can affect sleep cycles, we have included our ‘Relax & Sleep Complex’ in the program. It contains adaptogens that help to support the adrenal system and reduce stress in the body, thus helping fight insomnia and restless nights.


For some people, Alcohol is greatly tied to feeling comfortable in social situations and so it is common to experience some anxiety during the early stages of sobriety.

Symptom management
There are many reasons why you may experience an increase in anxious feelings during withdrawal from alcohol. To ease this uncomfortable feeling we have included the Relax & Sleep Complex to help you unwind without the need to consume alcohol. Our ‘Serotonin Plus’ contains ingredients that help to regulate mood.


Alcohol use is often linked to depression, but sometimes you can experience serotonin imbalance during the first few weeks of sobriety, due to withdrawal from the substance as well as social factors.

Symptom management
Serotonin is an important mood regulator and so we have included in the program ‘Serotonin Plus’, which helps promote stable mood. This is important during the sobriety process as mood can often fluctuate due to withdrawal from alcohol.


When you try to kick an alcohol addiction or dependency it can often be easy to fill the space with another dependency. Sugar cravings are often increased during the withdrawal process which can cause negative health problems.

Symptom management
Included in the program is our Rave not Crave complex, which contains Chromium which helps to reduce sugar cravings and may improve blood glucose control.

Supporting the benefits


Alcohol and common alcoholic drinks can have large amounts of hidden calories. Cutting out alcohol can trigger weight loss as you will likely be decreasing excessive caloric intake.

Benefit Support
To help you get the most out of your sobriety, we have included ingredients that will assist with weight loss. The program includes our ‘Rave not Crave’ complex which helps increase energy and reduce sugar cravings, two things that are great to help weight loss. We also have the optional add-on product ‘Weight loss RX’ which contains Berberine, among others which all work together to support weight loss and overall health.


Alcohol consumption has harmful effects on normal healthy gut bacteria. This can lead to gut and bowel problems and so cutting out alcohol can help improve these issues. Alcohol is toxic to the liver, and this stress can be dangerous to your overall health and function.

Benefit Support
Our ‘Antioxidant complex’ contains a powerful blend of ingredients to support healthy liver function. This will aid in the detoxification of your body and help you feel all the benefits of sobriety


Cutting out alcohol can help you get more consistent and restful sleep, meaning that within 1 week you should see improvements in your sleep patterns.

Benefit Support
To help make sure you experience improved sleep during your sobriety process we have included our ‘Relax and Sleep Complex’ to help you feel calm, relaxed and able to stick to a regular and restful sleep pattern.


Alcohol is known to be a depressive substance and so consumption can often lead to anxiety and depression. Cutting out alcohol, even for a short period, can lead to improved mood and can aid in the management of mood disorders.

Benefit Support
Cutting out Alcohol can have a great positive effect on mood. We have included ‘Serotonin Plus’ in the program to help regulate mood as well as our ‘Relax &
Sleep’ complex to help you relax and get a great nights sleep, which will make a big difference to mood.




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