BPC 157’s effect on healing, Journal of Physiology-Paris, Volume 91, Issues 3–5,1997

by S Seiwerth, P Sikiric, Z Grabarevic, I Zoricic, M Hanzevacki, D Ljubanovic, V Coric, P Konjevoda, M Petek, R Rucman, B Turkovic, D Perovic, D Mikus, S Jandrijevic, M Medvidovic, T Tadic, B Romac, J Kos, J Peric, Z Kolega

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Reynolds et al. (2021)

September 1st, 2021|

This study reports that mitochondrial-encoded MOTS-c can significantly enhance physical performance in young (2 mo.), middle-age (12 mo.), and old (22 mo.) mice. MOTS-c can regulate (i) nuclear genes, including those related to metabolism [...]