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IB Formula


Our Immune boosting (IB) Formula combines five potent anti-ageing ingredients to help mitigate the common symptoms and conditions of ageing, while supporting cellular restoration and healthy ageing.

60 capsules



Our immune boosting (IB) Formula features five key ingredients, and offers a comprehensive approach to ageing. Combined, these ingredients can alleviate symptoms of ageing while supporting cellular health for a potentially delayed degeneration process.

The natural supplementation of curcumin, bioperine, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), silymarin and zinc together in this formula offers multifaceted ageing support, from DNA restoration through to immune health. Ageing is largely characterised by low-grade inflammation, and while each IB Formula ingredient has its specialty, shared antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can target the root cause of ageing.

This natural chemical is acquired from the turmeric plant, and has the potential to cause anti ageing effects through its relationship with cellular senescence. Curcumin is not able to postpone cellular senescence, which is the cessation of cell division in ageing cells. It can however, work to correct the damage done by senescent cells, reducing their negative inflammatory and regeneration impacts. Through this effect, studies have also suggested curcumin’s neuroprotective potential, and its ability to help reduce symptoms of common age-related diseases.

Complimentary to other ingredients, bioperine enhances the absorption of curcumin. It can also support metabolism by increasing energy production in cells, including those affected by ageing and degeneration.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
As a natural amino acid, NAC increases the body’s production of the powerful protective antioxidant, glutathione (GSH). It works by scavenging harmful free radicals and protects cells by triggering intracellular H2S and sulfane sulfur production. Studies indicate NAC’s lifespan-extending potential is attributed to these cell protecting and antioxidant properties.

Silymarin (SM)
Derived from a medicinal plant, this ingredient can work on skin protection and regeneration to address the physical signs of ageing. Through the effects of its flavonolignans, silymarin has the potential to reduce the effects and damage of various solar UV rays — rays which are involved in decreasing skin hydration and elasticity, while increasing wrinkle and pigment spot formation.

This common mineral is involved in the maintenance of important bodily processes, such as the nervous and immune systems. Zinc deficiency can accelerate the ageing process and contribute to a range of age-related health conditions.


250mg curcumin, 250mg NAC, 100mg silymarin, 50mg zinc chelate, 100mg resveratrol.


  • Manage cellular ageing
  • Restore essential vitamins and minerals
  • Alleviate symptoms of common age-related health conditions
  • Reduce age-induced inflammation
  • Encourage healthy ageing
  • Delay the onset of ageing


Contains 60 capsules.

Swallow 1-2 capsules every morning.

WARNING: Consult a health care practitioner for prolonged use. Please read the label and use only as directed. If you are unsure if this product is right for you please contact us.


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